Stopmotion Animation!

I have an unusual stopmotion project I’m trying to get off the ground. If successful, I can’t wait to see what’s possible!

Check it out!

Stopmotion Using Toys and Old Salesman Samples



I really want to post the second half of Puki Trek.

Ok, Pukis are these little jointed dolls from Korea that I originally bought two of to serve as “babies” for larger dolls, in a series of illustrations of a fairy tale.They’re about 3 inches high. (Smurf size? Or was that three apples high?)

They’re meant to be customized, but because mine were just supposed to be babies I didn’t have much to do. I took a few shots of them, and I had just gotten some teeny teeny Star Trek ships.  So I made them hold them, they were tiny enough to be the right scale for toys. Later I wanted to test out “Comic Life” a program that I had ignored on my computer until then. I posted it on Den of Angels (a doll geek website) and it got this hilarious big response. I never knew so many women & men who liked these ball-jointed dolls were such Star Trek fans! (Geeks are geeks! Yay! ) Most people tastes run towards the gothic or victorian. This was just two naked babies sitting around with word bubbles, arguing Kirk vs Picard. Nothing fancy. And people really liked it!

Then I made a little scrap ribbon into a little quickie Picard uniform and a little scrap black foam and some black elastic bands and a couple of watch parts became an instant Borg costume. I made a little more elaborate setup, turned down the lights and filmed on the coffee table with a scrap of metal and some flashlights for effect, along with the light-up christmas ornaments and then tiny toys that came with them.The great thing about those two characters? I didn’t need wigs!

Comic Life turned out to really make it easy to make it look awesome! I was surprised how flexible the program was….I didn’t have photoshop at all, but resizing, text, etc was never a problem. People loved that one! And it only had Picard….no other characters except a new Borg who acts suspiciously like Alf.

Then I slowly made all the characters, posting progress shots as I went along. I may post some of the mod shots, but likely there’s no interest in that outside of Den of Angels. It took about 6 months to do the characters. Then I posted the first part of a ridiculous ‘photostory’ with them, using tiny sets, some toys, some custom built by me and tolerated by my husband.

Right after I started this project, I started taking comedy classes at the Upright Citizens Brigade and since then my time has been taken up with standup/improv/sketch shows and photo gigs.  The transportation involved has eaten up all of my ‘sit around and make tiny stuff’ time….well, it was just devastating to the progress of puki trek. I have the first half of the second half done, if that makes sense. I’m just afraid to post it without it being finished. I don’t know how JK Rowling did it without having the ending….oh, wait she did. Maybe it’s best I finish.

Me being obsessive is not helping speed this up.

In an attempted mea culpa, I’m putting these up publicly, they were only previously available on Den of Angels. So people who’ve asked me for links – send your nerdy Star Trek friends here, dolly geeks!

Someday, when I have a pile of cash and a staff…..we’ll do Firefly! (Edit – Lyzrd is on that apparently and it’ll be amazing! Oh, Mal…)


Animation Project from Last Winter

In the quest to do a lot of different things I love, inevitably I run out of time for something and lately, that something has been animation. I hope to return to this when the fall comes…it’s very much a “huddle in the workshop” kind of activity! The people in the online animator community are  patient & amazing, and they share their knowledge with a joy & passion for this maddening work of creating animation that I really love!


Puki Trek; Q-Ball – Part 1

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Richly colored & miniature…

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